Fashion turbans are super trendy, and they add oomph factor to your outfit.

Turbans have made their way from royalty to runways, and catwalks to sidewalks. Turbans look complex but it is very easy to wear and carry.

Turbans are bold, impressive, strong statement pieces and it gives you individuality. And you need creativity and boldness to carry it because this accessory is not for just anybody.

The best part about turbans are, that you can wear it with casual clothes also, as turban look itself is so strong that it doesn’t need any extra efforts. Turban are unique and it can add a touch of drama to anything from jeans, t-shirt to an evening dress.

Initially, even I wasn’t sure if I will be able to carry turbans elegantly or how will I look in it but in 2014 turbans became a big hit again, so I made up my mind that I have to try this unique look and I need to do more experiments with my looks. Since I am always in search of that one oomph factor which can turn around heads, I thought this look will do it for me. Turbans are my new love. I have collected so many different fabrics, from small to big, from plain to printed, a few sparkly ones also.

Well I would suggest you to try it once, may be you will also fall in love with it. But first you need to decide if you want to wear it on open hair or on a bun as there are several ways to wear turbans. All are unique in itself. Just to tell you friends, I am not buying ready made turbans from market. In fact, it is very easy to make your own.

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If you guys are interested I will make DIY video or a pictorial explanation on it.

I was wearing:

  • Dress:
  • Footwear: Cat walk
  • Turban(Just the fabric): Max

Till then bye bye

Don’t forget to experiment with your looks and add oomph to it.