Every season we update our wardrobe with new clothes but it is incomplete without new shoes. Buying new shoes, always gives me a guilty pleasure, no matter how many I have, it is always a good feeling to buy more and latest ones. Below is the list of the latest & most popular shoe trend and must-haves for this season from west-inspired boots to socks and sandals. So, if you are someone like me, then get excited to read the entire article.

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1. Heels with Socks

Socks and heels might sound a little weird but this season is all about experimenting so why not socks and heels. It looks perfect with a wide, cropped-leg pair of denim. It’s a great street style so go ahead and experiment a little.


heels socks golden tanyamahendra

2. Gingham Print Footwear

Gingham style dresses have always been a girl’s favorite print in clothes but this season gingham print is big in footwear too. It looks edgy and has the power to transform any casual outfit into a power dress.

Gingham Print Footwear fashionoomph

3. All styles of Mules

One of 2017’s top footwear trends carry on for 2018. It is present in many forms this season, you can choose from flat or kitten heels, plain, embellished or fur ones. It is a go-to trend.

mules latest must have

4. Menswear Sneakers

90s style sneaker is back in trend. This trend is taking over the street and special thanks to Balenciaga. With a little twist in silhouette, it is trendier than ever.

Men's Sneaker Trend

5. Feminine Cowboy Boots

Inspired by the west, designers have come up with a variety of sparkly, coloured and metallic cowboy boots but more on the feminine side. You can style it with dresses and even skirts. Love them or hate them, but this style is in trend for this season.

cowboy boots latest

6. PVC Details or Clear Shoes

From ankle boots to thigh high boots, and sandals, clear shoes are the ultimate fashion trend. 2018 runway, the designer showed a variety of PVC shoes. If you haven’t tried this trend yet, then it’s time to try your hands on these trendy shoes.


clear pvc shoes

7. Variety of Pastels

Pastels are going to be the wardrobe essentials this season. A lot of brands are coming up with a variety of pastel shades like pink, blue, mint, yellow, lavender etc. in their latest collection of bags and shoes. Don’t miss out on pampering your feet with these beautiful shades of footwear.

pastel shoes
8. Shoes with embellishments

Season of embellished shoes, be it straps, buckles, bows or stones, this trend is to give your shoes that oomph factor. In fact, heels are being reinvented. Go ahead and pick your favorite embellished shoes.

Embellished Shoes footwear

9. Glittery and Shiny

Be it boots or sandals, this trend is still big in 2018 too. The important point to keep in mind is not to overdo the trend. You don’t want to look like a disco ball so keep your look chic with the glittery shoes.

fashionoomph latest trend

10. Heels and Tights

Last but not the least, heels with tights. Sheer tights with crystals on top or heavy lace or printed tights paired up with heels are the hottest trend. Valentino and Givenchy have already shown their love to this trend. Now it’s time for you too to show some love to this trend.

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