While there’s no book that tells you to go only by rules, there’s something called age-appropriate dressing which only means you looking your best without your outfit giving any teenage vibes. You might not even know about the fashion mistakes you are committing making you look older and they are taking a charge on your appearance. Here is a list of them:

Fitting clothes

By that it doesn’t only means wearing tight fitted clothes to show that you are a woman! It also means to avoid loose fitted clothes. Wearing skin-tight numbers will give an impression of you as someone who is trying too hard to be young and wearing loose clothes will show you as someone who is trying to cover up her body. Go for well fitted clothes that just fall on your body and in a manner which do the job of camouflaging and highlighting at the same time.


Sparse eyebrows

If you equal sparse eyebrows to a good looking face, here’s why you are wrong. Groomed eyebrows have nothing to do with the thinness of eyebrows. As you age, your eyebrows start to reduce gradually which contributed to the aged appearance. Your best bet is to invest in eyebrow powders or eyebrow gels which do a quick job of filling in the sparse eyebrows and giving a young look to face. India’s leading makeup online store has tons of options for you to check out from. Don’t forget to use the Nykaa coupons present on CashKaro.com to fetch discounts and cash back while shopping!



Matching your shoes to the color of your belt is understandable. But if you are matching the shade of your bag, shoes and belt, you are doing it way too much. This was the choice of women many past years ago. Do not fall into that trap and make yourself come across as an old woman who is yet to enter into the world of Fashion.


Hotness screaming

And that doesn’t means in a good way! Staying updated on the latest Fashion trends and inculcating them in wardrobe is certainly good. But knowing the difference between trends and style is what will set you apart and tame your Fashion choices. You might have fallen in love with that beautiful illustration tee but the truth is that you will have to forgo it. With age, you will need to dump certain choices which can come across as really flash if donned by you. However if there is something which is giving you sleepless nights, go ahead with your choice if you can ignore judgemental looks. Life is short!


Oversized shirts

Yes! Shirts are a real good option for you but if you wear oversized shirts in a bid to cover your tummy, you are only making yourself look old. Go for properly fitted shirts and you will see a big difference in your appearance. You will come across as a smart and confidence woman. Instead of tiring yourself by hopping from shops to shops get the best ones at best prices, use Trendin coupons via CashKaro.com and shop from the best collection at the best bargained prices along with the bonus of cashback. Yay!


Geeky glasses

Geeky glasses are known for making eye wrinkles and dark circles look more prominent. Plus the style in which they come in scream youthfulness. Avoid them and instead invest your money in brands which make elegant glasses with a thin rim. They should be modern yet classy.

Elie Saab: Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture S/S 2012


Article courtesy: Cashkaro