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Hello my lovelies,

Hope you all are doing amazing, and shining as bright as a diamond.
Today i am going to talk about the trend which is a must-have for all the fashionistas – metallic fashion trend. Spring/Summer 2018 is the return of metallic, glamour, glitter, high shine, sparkle and 70’s disco look and design.

Must Have Fashion

Apart from pastels colors, bright silver and gunmetal silver are also most powerful spring/summer 2018 color trends. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, Paco Rabanne and Halpern have taken inspiration from 70’s disco looks, and have created tight bodysuits, all-over sequins, shorts and loose pants with boxy cut tops and power suits for spring/summer 2018 runways.

Metallic Fashion

Tips to wear this trend:

1. Keep it simple

If you are going to try this trend for the first time then you can keep it simple like trying one thing at a time.

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2. Make a statement

You can make a statement by just trying silver eye-shadow or by painting your nails silver.

3. Add that extra edge

Give an extra edge to your boring outfit by carrying a silver clutch or metallic shoes.

4. Mixing & Matching is the key

With one simple or plain piece, you can club one metallic statement piece like metallic top, skirt or pants.

5. Experiment a little

Last but not the least, since this is a futuristic trend and if you are experimental enough then go on and try the overalls like metallic loose pants with metallic body-hugging top or Silver blazer and shorts.

Metallic Fashion

Options are endless but it depends on you how you want to style this shiny metallic, vintage glittering trend. Hence, the experiment which trend is going to look great on you and in which you are going to feel most comfortable. This is very powerful and dramatic fashion trend so don’t miss to try your hands on it.

70's Disco Look

Let me know if you like how i tried to incorporate this trend in my look.

I was wearing:

  • Top: H&M (Dress converted into the top)
  • Shorts: H&M
  • Sock Boots: Shein

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