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Biker Shorts Trending

In today’s article “90’s Biker Shorts Trending in 2018” I am going to talk about one of the most popular 90’s trends which were the part of our standard wardrobe chosen by our moms. I am sure none of us would have thought that the 90’s everyday look will be trending in 2018.

Celebs like Kim Kardashian West and Bella Hadid have made this trend a summer must have.

Kim Kardashian Bella Hadid

Unlike the 90’s, in 2018 this trend is worn in a little different style.

Pay attention to the following:

Pair the biker shorts with the oversized t-shirt and statement slides.
Opt for a structured blazer with high heels
Else you can go for crop top and shoes or heels

90's Biker Shorts

SPOILER ALERT: Make sure you take a count of these

Choosing the right underwear to avoid camel toe
You might feel exposed and uncomfortable, but you shouldn’t be. For these kinds of outfits, you must wear boldness that matters more.
Completing the look with right accessory and footwear as you don’t want it to look like a sports outfit
I styled biker shorts with a blazer as in 2018 designers are pulling off workwear with fitness wear which reminds of 90’s off-duty look of Princess Diana.

Princess Diana Fashion

I was wearing:

Blazer: @h&m


Bracelet: @myjivaana

Golden Bracelet

Shoes: @trufflecollectionindia

Truffle Collection

PC: @wolfwithlens

Now go ahead and style this trend in your way.

Trending in 2018

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