Do you love to eat chocolates???

I love chocolates, and since I discovered that chocolates can actually be good for the skin, I just can’t stop eating it.

Yes it is true, you are not reading something wrong, dark chocolate is really great for your skin!

Dark chocolate is full of flavonols, a type of flavonoid that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate: Skin Benefits

  1. Skin Friendly: Dark chocolate is a skin-friendly ingredient that helps to keep your skin healthy, glowing and just flawless.
  2. Protects skin from harmful UV rays: Flavonols (naturally occurring plant matter) found in dark chocolate have been scientifically proven to aid your skin in protecting itself from sunburn and other aspects of UV damage.
  3. Moisturizes dry skin: Dark chocolate is rich in iron, calcium, vitamin A, B1, C, D and E which are all important to keep the skin moist. You can also use dark chocolate as a scrub to remove dead skin cells on the skin.
  4. Reduce wrinkles and fine lines: Wrinkles and fine lines are formed due to the outbreak of collagen caused by the release of stress hormones. Believe it or not, ingesting cocoa reduces stress hormones, which results in less collagen breakdown.
  5. Encourages hair growth: This kind of chocolate is chock-full of iron, zinc, and copper — all minerals that support cell renewal. Eating it will boost the supply of blood flow and oxygen to your scalp which will result in stronger, thicker, healthier hair. Use dark chocolate as a hair mask to get smooth, soft and shiny hair.
  6. Eliminating acne scars: Dark chocolate can relieve skin inflammation caused by acne. Therefore you can use it as a face mask.
  7. Prevent dry lips: Jojoba oil is contained in dark chocolate is able to prevent the lips from dryness.
  8. Regular consumption: Regular consumption of dark chocolate helps you achieve a smooth, problem free complexion. It also keeps your skin moist and well nourished.

Don’t eat too much:

I know after reading so many benefits of dark chocolate, you want to eat chocolate all the time.  According to research, in order to reap the beauty (and health) benefits of dark chocolate, your body requires between two and three ounces of it each week. That means eating roughly one small square of a typical bar daily will suffice.

Keep in mind:

Keep in mind that only chocolate that is over 70% cacao has proven benefits. Make sure you are checking the ingredients – if the first ingredient is milk or sugar, the bar is not going to have more than 70% cocoa.

23 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate Infographics
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