Hello friends,

Happy Weekend !!!

Are you guys a coffee fan?

Well I am not.

But sometimes with friends I have to go to coffee house and I always search for the cakes, chocolate mousse or donuts so that I can accompany them.

Few days back, I went with friends to Starbucks and this time I decided to drink coffee, and ordered some random coffee drink. Guess what unfortunately that coffee was “Black coffee”. Now imagine a person who doesn’t like coffee, still drinking a black coffee. Well I am not sure about you guys how you like your coffee but my experience was really bad.

Well for a casual day, I prefer jeans, t-shirt and loafers. Most comfortable and easy to go outfit.

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What do you prefer to wear on lazy day?

I was wearing:

  • Cross Body Side Bag: Lino Perros
  • Jeans: Levis
  • T-Shirt: Jack & Jones
  • Loafers: La Briza
  • Shades: Provogue