Hello friends,

Hope you all are doing well.


As you all know from my previous posts that I have moved to Delhi and I am back to student life; I am a #Pearlite now.

And in my college, every now and then we participate in lot of activities and workshops. In the begging we had POW WOW – fight for freedom, 60 different workshops, and out of which I had opted for 3rd Eye Photography classes. It was a 4 days workshop where we had learnt the basics of DSLR camera & photography.

Mr Yashas Chandra, who is a very renowned photographer, was our mentor. I must say, the patience level, he has is commendable. And he showed us work of different photographers and his own, which was mind blowing. He taught us what a bird’s eye view is? And what ant’s eyes view is? portrait and landscape etc.

The workshop has totally changed the way I used to look at things. Now I visualize & analyze a particular scene from different angles. I had clicked few pictures during the workshop which I want to share.

And the best part of the workshop was the bond i shared with my new friends and we had a really good time.

We clicked pictures near our college, Lodi gardens and Delli Haat. So please have a look on my creativity and let me know what you think about it .

IMG_0123IMG_0181 IMG_0184 IMG_0218 IMG_0131 IMG_0163 IMG_0175_E IMG_0222 IMG_0224