Hello friends,

Hope you all are doing great.

Few months back I had visited Goa. Me and all my friends were planning for a Goa trip from long and then one fine day we decided let’s do it. Even though most of the people prefer to go to Goa on Christmas or New Years. But I feel if you have the best group of friends then these things don’t really matter.

We were 10 friends and most of them had been to Goa earlier, and on the other hand I was going for the first time so I was very excited as people say GO GOA, GO CRAZY.

Well that is actually true. Goa is all together a different world. We were there for 4 days and it was actually crazy.

We did sooo many crazy stuff, Shhhhh….. Well I can’t really tell you all.

But you will find out few in my upcoming posts.

Till then enjoy these pics.

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I was wearing: