Breakup is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to fix it.

Hey friends,

How to get over a horrible breakup from the person you loved the most?


How to get over a breakup where the person has cheated on you or dumped you without any reason?

You might be thinking why am I talking about break ups, revenge out of the blue. Well in past few days, I spoke to few of my friends who were struggling with their relationship. Moreover some of their partners were cheating on them or left them without any reason. So I thought I should write an article for all of my beautiful girl friends and my sweet innocent boy friends(MIND THE GAP 😀 ). I have seen them crying and being miserable so I hope this will help them. Let me be clear, it is not about taking revenge (may be a little 😉 ) but it is more about making your life easier and helping yourself to move on and most importantly making your ex realize that they made a mistake hurting you/ leaving you to this miserable state.

Don’t cheat, if you are unhappy just leave.

Generally people breakup because of few reasons:

  • They find another person whom they feel is better for them
  • They cheats on you.
  • Long distance relationship.
  • They say “That spark is missing”; “You are not the same person I fell in love with”
  • Don’t have time for each other.
  • Bored of relationship.

In any of the above case, one partner feels that way, while other doesn’t that is why it is difficult to get over it. Possibly this happens when one person is still living in the fancy world, where he/she thinks his/her life is perfect which may lead to break up in relationship.

Broadly, we can put breakup into two categories:

  1. Breakup with mutual understanding
  2. Breakup without any reason or if one partner has cheated on other

Unfortunately in both cases it hurts, so I am going to put this in two different categories, where one want to make the other person’s life a hell and other just want to move on with his/her breakup.

How to get over a bad breakup with mutual understanding from the person you loved the most?

  1. Cry; there’s no shame in crying. You need to take out all of your grief in one or the other way.
    Nicole Kidman as a grieving mother in film 'Rabbit Hole'
  2. Make a list of the things you loved and hated about your partner. Forget the bad memories; just try to remember the good ones. Like:
    • Think of the time when you were sick and how your ex was around you to make you feel better.
    • Think about the time when you were low and ex was the only one to cheer you up with those stupid jokes.
    • How ex was always there for you when you needed him/her the most.
  3. Just think that once you guys loved each other but now time is not right, you both have different priorities in life and it’s difficult to be in a fake relationship.
  4. Now you need to keep yourself occupied so that you will not think about it much and move on.
    • Meet your old friends and spend some quality time with them.
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    • Join yoga classes and meditate.
      yoga sunset
    • Eat healthy and regularly.
    • Do those things which you enjoy the most.
    • Give time for yourself, pamper yourself.
    • Go out for shopping.
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    • Meet new people.
    • Listen to good music and read some motivating novels.
  5. And when you feel ok, you can send a message or a thank you note to your ex saying how amazing it was being with him/her and you will miss the beautiful time you shared. This way when you’ll see each other next time, there will be no awkwardness and may be you guys can be really good friends thereafter.

How to get over a breakup when your partner has cheated on you or dumped you without any reason?

  1. Sorry but you are not allowed to cry. You want to take out our frustration then scream, yell, get a punching bag, and punch it as if you are punching our ex.
  2. Now it’s the time to be AWESOME. Pull yourself together because you know you are the BEST and no one deserves to make you feel worthless.
    Being awesome
  3. If your ex is dating someone, go and tell that person what a horrible human being your ex is. Tell the story how your ex broke up with you and made your life hell.
  4. If that doesn’t work, then well I have something crazy in my mind. You know your ex’s best friend, date him/her. It’s going to hurt your ex the most. If you don’t want to do that then find someone 10 times hotter. That will drive your ex crazy and make him/her think, how quickly you have moved on.
  5. Break one of ex’s favorite things. So that your he/she should understand what is pain.
  6. Become really, really hot. Post your pictures on all the social media and tag your ex. LOL.
  7. Now just forget about your ex. You have made your point clear. Now its time for you to move on. Here are few tips on how you can change your life and not feel miserable or worthless
    • Travel or go for adventure trip.
    • Go for a spa and relax.
    • Join gym and always maintain a good health.
    • Go out with your friends for a nice party.
  8. And when you are totally over your ex. Then you have to take some serious decision; block him/her from all the possible places, Facebook, mobile number. Never contact him/her ever again because he/she is worthless. And you deserve better.

Last but not the least “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE”. So live it to the fullest. You are special, you are beautiful, and you are smart. And no matter what, someone loves you the most and that is your family. So enjoy and make best out of it.