Nothing makes a woman look more beautiful like a saree does

Saree is one of the oldest Indian outfits, and yet the most sensual one too. The nine yard fabric is certainly the most versatile piece of cloth and suits well for almost all Indian occasions. We all know how to wear it the traditional way, for a matter of fact there are more 80 traditional way to wear it, there are still n numbers of style one could explore. Indo-Western Saree are the recent fad as it works as the perfect outfit for a lot of occasions like Engagement party, Sangeet function, Mehendi function, Cocktail party, College farewell, Office parties and close one’s Wedding. So this article of mine shall take you through my favorite Indo-Western saree style.

Pant Style Saree

The pant style saree is a very stylish, innovative, peppy, quirky and easy to wear, the draping of the nine yard fabric is more conceptual and has a touch of western style.

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Requirement for Pant Style Saree

  1. Jeggings/ Denim
  2. Crop Top/ Blouse
  3. Saree
  4. Pair of heels
  5. Safety Pins/ Clamps
  6. Statement Jewelry

Step by Step Guidelines to wear Pant Style Saree

  1. Wear a pair of leggings or pants.
  2. Take the pallu of the saree and pleat it over your shoulder as per your length.
  3. Bring the other side of saree around you and tug it neatly in the waist.
  4. Now pleat the remaining middle part of your saree neatly in the middle and tuck them nicely in the pants.

Saree Pants with High Necked Blouse

For this look you would need a saree with a decent border, you might just borrow it from your mother, else the best choice would be buying one for yourself which you could keep and wear over and over with few twists. Fashion Oomph! would like to thank for providing this lovely saree and I must not forget to tell you that it is pretty chic and pocket friendly. Sareez has n numbers of options, make sure you have a look at their website when you plan to buy one. One of the key features about this online brand is that they offer you your choice of petticoat if you need and can design blouse as well at your convenience. All you have to do is to send them the picture and they will offer you with an excel sheet wherein you need to fill your measurement. I got mine within 15 days of delivery along with a blouse of the perfect measurements along with the petticoat.

High neck blouse with saree pants look really elegant and fashionable and makes you stand out of the crowd as a true diva. Keep minimal makeup, attractive eye makeup and wear strappy heels.

Indo-Western Saree by Sareez.comIndo-Western Saree by Indo-Western Saree by Fashion Oomph! Saree by Saree by Saree by Saree by Saree by Fashion Oomph! Saree by Fashion Oomph!

With Jacket/Coat

Going for a typical traditional function, ditch the blouse instead wear an ethnically embroidered coat or jacket or you can wear it on top of your regular blouse like I did as an experiment. Complete the look with one statement jewelry, trying not to distract attention from your beautiful jacket and that one statement piece of jewelry will make you look perfect. Neatly Tied up hairdo will complete the look, with a little blush on your cheeks.
Online you can get better options of traditional jacket and coat without costing you a bomb unlike your usual shopping expeditions . The one I’m wearing is from This jacket is so much in demand that it got into the sold out category many times. But finally I got mine delivered. The best part is that they provide the same product which is shown on their website which is less likely. Spare little time to explore the suits, lehengas and sarees in their collection as well.

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10 Interesting Facts about Saree

  1. The word – Sari, is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘sati’. Sati, means a strip of cloth.
  2. Saree can be traced all the way back to the Indus valley civilization (2800–1800 BC). During those times, cloth was primarily made from cotton.
  3. The sari mainly originated from three-piece attire known as Antariya lower garment, Uttariya veil worn over shoulder or head and Stanapatta a chestband, this complete three-piece dress was known as Poshak, which we all know means a costume or a dress.
  4. There are more than 80 ways of draping a saree.
  5. In old times, saree was worn without blouse and petticoats. They were brought in trend by the wife of great poet Rabindranath Tagore.
  6. Tight bodices or cholis are believed have evolved between 2nd century B.C to 6th century A.D.  Traditionally, cholis were front covering tied at the back.
  7. In the Natya Shastra (200 BC and 200 AD) of Sage Bharata, the navel has been referred to as the source of life and creativity. Therefore, midriff is kept left bare by the sari.
  8. Kanjivaram sarees are traditionally made from Mulberry silk threads generated by the sericulture of larva noshing on Mulberry leaves. The Process is a tedious one needing 8-10 hours of labour for 20-30days.
  9. A regular Benarasi saree has as many as 5600 thread wires, and even Mahabharata had mentions of it.
  10. Bengal alone has over 21 distinct types of sarees like Tangail, Baluchuri, Tant, Katha etc.


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