Hello beautiful people,

As you all know that I recently attended Indibloggers meet and was introduced to KOSE brand.

KOSE Indibloggers meet

Well this was my first indiblogger meet so I wasn’t sure what to expect also I didn’t know anyone there. But once I reached there, the experience was extremely overwhelming. There were many fun activities like, collecting something personal from different bloggers was one of them, through which we got a chance to interact with fellow bloggers. Interacting with them and meeting them in person was exciting.

The sponsors of the meet KOSE, introduced their products to the audience gathered. So here’s a bit about KOSE.

KOSE cooperation is Japan’s most innovative beauty company since 1946. Their mission is to consistently offer new creations derived from Japan, to bloom the beauty of Indian women.

KOSE Indibloggers meet

Their product line would be –

  • Moisturizing Line
  • Whitening line

Key ingredients will be-

  • Laminaria Japonica Extract
  • Sea Salt

The soon to be introduced brand Ambassador of the brand KOSE, Aditi Rao Haydri added a star to the night by her special appearance. She was looking equally pretty and flawless as she looks on the screen.

KOSE Indibloggers meet

How can I forget to mention about the mouth watering food and the exuberant hospitality of Hyatt hotel’s employees.

KOSE Indibloggers meet

Above all we got a gift hamper from KOSE with all their products in it.

KOSE Indibloggers meet

So it was my best experience so far, I am super excited and eagerly waiting for the next bloggers meet.

KOSE Indibloggers meet

See you all again

Have a great day!!!

KOSE Indibloggers meet

I was wearing:

Top: Forever New

Pants: Zara


Bag: Louis Vuitton