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Today I want to share some interesting definitions or I would rather say the difference between certain generally confusing terms which I am sure even you might also have a doubt about.

How did all of it start – I was looking for some kurtas online, for a small function and there I saw some pretty bottoms as well but eventually, I realized that I am getting confused with 1 or 2 terms. I decided to finish my doubts then and there and now I will share my knowledge that I recently gained.

1. Sharara

Sharara is the bifurcated version that falls straight and looks like a skirt. It is usually long and reaches the floor. It also has a flare and plaits. It is mostly paired with a long or short kurti.

Sharara - FabIndia


2. Gharara

Gharara is fitted till somewhere above the knee (or has a band sort of thing) and then flared. It is mostly paired with a short kurti and looks extremely gorgeous.  It is also known as Farshi Pajama.


3. Lehenga

A lehenga is paired with a choli which is supposed to be a small blouse like thing which reveals the stomach & the back.


4. Lacha

A lacha has a relatively longer blouse which not only covers the entire stomach & back but is also sometimes a little below the hips.


All of the above-mentioned styles are available online. You can go, check the trend and the latest collection on Myntra and its app I really hassle-free and enjoyable and the best part is you can get some awesome deals as well.

Top 10 perks of shopping online:

  1. Save Time
  2. Save Fuel
  3. Comparison of Prices
  4. 24/7 availability
  5. No crowds hence no waiting lines
  6. Easy to search merchandise
  7. Online Deals and Promotions
  8. Doorstep Exchange Policy
  9. Can send gifts easily
  10. Discrete purchases are easier

The only disadvantage what I can think of is we don’t get to try the merchandise before shopping but that is also not a big issue these days as all online websites offer proper measurement chats and have easy exchange policies.

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ethnic fashionoomph

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Happy Online Shopping!!!
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