Hey lovelies,

Hope you all had a great Diwali weekend. Talking about myself, I had a great family and vacation time.

Few days back during Amazon fashion week I was invited by Liva team (Liva is official partner of Amazon India Fashion Week) to one of their event. Unfortunately due to Delhi’s horrible traffic jam, I got really late and couldn’t reach the venue on time but the Liva team was really supportive and kind, they briefed me everything about the event. I grabbed every single piece of information for the obvious reason of me not wanting my followers to miss on any fashion industry update.

You must be wondering what Liva is all about, I won’t keep you waiting let me give some insights about Liva.


What is Liva?

  1. Liva is a fabric which is made from natural cellulose fibers of Aditya Birla group which are produced from wood pulp.
  2. It is a fluid fabric which falls and drapes well.
  3. It is breathable, soft, comfortable and eco-friendly.
  4. The fabric is inspired by water hence it is called fluid fabric that when you move, it moves with your body #FluidIsYou
  5. Liva brand has collaborated with major leading brands like Pantaloons, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Lifestyle, Global Desi, Chemistry and F109
  6. The most stylish queen of fashion industry Kangana Ranaut is the brand ambassador of Liva.

Why I chose Liva fabric?

  1. Whilst being a fashion blogger, I always want to look fashionable.
  2. Being a fashion forward girl, the concern about nature and its prevention never escapes my mind.
  3. The day I came to know about Liva, I was super excited since it is not only for fashion lover but also for the people who thinks consciously.
  4. Liva is a true example of fashion Industry and brands like H&M and Liva have taken a next step and stood out from the crowd and is setting an example for everyone to be green conscious.
  5. Liva fabric is available in all kind of brands Western wear, traditional and indo-western as well that makes it very versatile.
  6. So you have endless options to choose from a wide range of collection.
  7. It caters to a large age group so not only for you but you can choose something comfortable for your mother and sister and friends as well.
  8. For a person like me whose everyday look is a bit relaxed and who is always in a rush, LIVA fabric suits best for her as it is very comfortable and soft.
  9. It is not boxy or stiff, it flows with your body as you move.
  10. LIVA will fit in everyone’s wardrobe as you have the wide range of free-flowing tunics, vibrant tops, comfy pants, designer leggings and upbeat dresses.

I was wearing the brand AAKRITI from head to toe.

Fashion Oomph!

P.S. You guys MUST have a look at the wide range and upbeat dresses of LIVA Fabric. Use hashtag #Fluidisyou to share love.