Hey lovely people,

By 2020, India is set to become the world’s youngest country with 64 per cent of its population in the working age group.

And with the increase in disposable income and knowledge about new brands and fashion, people have become conscious and always try to keep up with latest trends and fashion and the latest technologies and devices has made it even easier.

With the online market which is growing at exponential rate, people are able to buy new stuff more often. But have you ever wondered what are we doing with our old clothes or gadgets, just stuff it at one corner of the house or give it to some relatives. But since we live in 21st century so why go the conventional ways and why not to sell the old stuff and make money out of it.

We all are familiar with some websites like Craigslist India, Tradus, Ebay India, Facebook , Infibeam, OLX, Quikr etc. And all these websites deals with almost everything from real estate to electronics to books. But have you ever heard about any portal which deals exclusively with luxury brands?

Well I saw an onscreen ad of luxurymonk.com during the interval of a movie I went to watch recently and I quickly checked it out. After visiting their website I discovered LuxuryMonk is quite an interesting place where they feature only top Indian and International luxury brands and have an assortment of clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories which was quite fascinating for me. They also offer a classified section where you can buy & sell high-end luxury cars, bikes, jets, art and artifacts.(Finally!!)


I was impressed and decided to sell my Marchesa and Milly dress as I badly wanted to buy a Tory Burch bag (which I bought) and my task was simplified because of various assured details such as they are the intermediaries and they authenticate, verify and repackage all products in their warehouse before it is shipped to the buyer, so I didn’t have to worry about the small wear and tear of my bag as LuxuryMonk was providing all the facilities.

An interesting feature I came across while I was filling in the details to sell my dress was that that they have a deprecation Calculator that helped me calculate the selling price for my dress based on age of the product (on Sell your product page).


I came across another interesting feature when I was buying my new Tory Burch bag. They offer a negotiate functionality where the buyer can negotiate the best possible price with the seller. This process is routed through the LuxuryMonk team. I put in a reasonable price and sent it to the buyer. A few days ago I got a mail stating that the seller was willing to sell me the bag at my asked price. There was a separate link that led me online to my asked price, and voila I had just bought my very own bag for a price I never thought I’d ever get it . I was very happy to receive the bag within 7 days and was not only impressed with the luxurymonk packaging but also realized that the shipping of the product was free

Well in short, my experience was AMAZING. They certainly have created a platform for Selling and Buying of High-end designer brands at affordable prices

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