Without music life would be a mistake – Friedrich Nietzsche
Fashion Oomph!
To listen to good music, what we need – “GOOD QUALITY EARPHONES”. Music is one escape that brings me out of the busiest mess going around. Well, I personally like and enjoy music only with good speaker or earphones because unless the tunes go effortlessly and unhampered into my ears I don’t enjoy my music.
Fashion Oomph!
SUDIO, a Sweden based company introduced me with their SUDIO KLANG earphone which is specially designed for Apple devices. Their design of keeping one cord longer than the other is very helpful as we all face the problem of earphones get pulled out of our ears. So this feature of keeping one cord longer supports neck and prevent earphones from being pulled out. And other good thing about this earphones is that it comes with 4 Pairs of extra sleeve, a metal clip and most important a very classy leather case.
Fashion Oomph! Fashion Oomph! Fashion Oomph! Fashion Oomph! Fashion Oomph! Fashion Oomph! Fashion Oomph!
I can now enjoy my music and can keep the earphones safely, as bad earphones can damage our eardrums majorly. They come in a stylish leather pouch which also prevents earphones from getting tangled, thanks to SUDIO. So if you are planning to buy these earphones, you can use coupon code – “FASHIONOOMPH” and avail a flat discount of 15%. They even provide free shipping worldwide.
So, go ahead and buy it right away 🙂