Tanya Mahendra

A must read travel guide before you start packing for Egypt

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My recent trip to Egypt has given me some great experiences to share. This is Egypt was the first post in this journey. Since Egypt is an Islāmic country, the first thought which will come to anyone’s head is, “Egypt is super conservative”. Though you believe me, after living for…

Language Arabic

Yalla Habibi!!! Let’s learn Arabic

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Before visiting Egypt, I didn’t even know a single word in Arabic but soon I realized that I need to know some of the basic words to have a conversation going. In fact, it’s nice when you speak even a few words in Arabic to the locals, they feel a…

Fashion Oomph!

This is Egypt

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Since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with the whole idea of traveling to Egypt, the land of Pharaohs. Maybe it was because of the movie – The Mummy, that I saw and fascinated about during my childhood days or maybe because of what I used to watch…

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving, Best Adventure one can ever Experience


  Hello friends, If you guys remember, I had shared with you in my previous posts that I went to Adman and Nicobar islands. And in Andaman’s there is enthralling Havelock island which consists of beautiful turquoise water, pearl white beaches, beautiful flora and it is the best place for water…