Hello friends,

Happy New Year!!!

Wish you a great and prosperous year ahead.

This is the time of resolutions; it has become a tradition that New Year’s is the time to implement the changes we want from long time. Even though January1st is just an arbitrary day but still we all have our mind-set to bring a change or revolution in everything from this date onwards. A research shows that every year people take resolutions like 55% to eat healthier, 50% to exercise more, and 38% to lose weight.

Are your New Year resolutions implemented by now?

My New Year resolutions are:


While making resolutions, we all feel determined but eventually it fades away. The gym which were empty in December are suddenly crowded. We all make resolutions with good intentions but unfortunately we can’t translate it into action.

Well here are few tips to keep your resolutions:

  1. Set attainable and realistic goals
  2. Plan beforehand
  3. Don’t be upset by setbacks
  4. Set a schedule
  5. Track your progress
  6. Talk about it
  7. Take help
  8. Reward yourself
  9. Stick to your schedule
  10. Keep trying

Hope this will help you.

Make sure you share your experience, I would love to listen from you. 🙂