“Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe

Bata footwear
As you all know that I have a serious love for shoes, in another words that’s my obsession. And my recent collaboration with BATA says it all.

Bata is a brand which is known for its quality and comfort but I wasn’t aware that it has some trendy styles too. My mother prefers Bata over any other brand. But I never tried shoes from them. When I got a collaboration request, I had a mix feeling. But when I visited their store, I was convinced and happy. Attendants were very active and good and collection was really nice. And it has so many sub-brands which are quite different from each other. This way they cover almost all the age group and kind of people.

Fashion Oomph!

I selected 3 different pair of shoes of BATA from Naturalizer and I incorporated them in my style.  

So to begin with I chose brown leather boots since its fall winter. And I have a special love for boots. So I compiled boots with leather jacket and summer dress. And it looked beautiful. Have a look at the pictures below.

Fashion Oomph!Fashion Oomph!Fashion Oomph!

For my second look, I chose very smart closed shoes, these shoes are so comfortable that you can wear them entire day without getting any foot pain. You can wear them whole day at college and even while going for shopping. It is very comfortable and very stylish.

Fashion Oomph!Fashion Oomph!Fashion Oomph!

For my third look, I chose formal block heel wedges which you can see from my look. Personally I have experienced that it’s difficult to find good formal shoes, means most of them look good but when it comes to comfort, most of them fail. This shoes is smart yet comfortable. So if you are in a 9 to 5 job and you want to look smart and feel comfortable then this is the shoes with no second thoughts.

Bata footwearBata footwear Bata footwearBata footwear

I was wearing:

Look 1:

Brown Jacket: Zara

Brown Long Boots: BATA (Naturalizer)

Dress: Forever21

Look 2:

Top: Local market

Jeans: Forever21

Shoes: BATA (Naturalizer)

Look 3:

Formal Dress: Zara

Shoes: BATA (Naturalizer)