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Being short is not a bane, but there are some tips for short girls to make it a boon

1. Wear High Waist Bottoms

High-waist pants, jeans, skirts or shorts creates the illusion of longer legs which makes you look taller. Balance is the key so pair high waist bottom with well fitted crop top or by tucking in a tailored blouse.

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2. Wear Maxi Dress or Skirts

If you want to look breathtaking try maxi dress. It make you appear taller and slimmer. Always try to wear a maxi with same color or same print throughout. Wear wedges or any type of heels and dress should reach your toes.

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3. Wear V-Neck

Where round and boat necks are a big no, V-Neck makes neck appear longer and leaner.

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4. Wear Monochrome Outfit

Wearing monochrome or same color outfit creates a virtual vertical line to your posture and thus causes the illusion of height. We all love color blocking but for you a single color dress from head to toe is best as it creates an illusion of some extra height.

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5. Wear Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes make anyone look taller as well as slimmer. Thin vertical stripes is even better. And the best part is stripes never go out of trend.

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6. Wear color blends

Match your heels with your pants or jeans, this way your legs will appear longer. Matched color scheme creates the illusion of longer lines. So if you are wearing black jeans or pants match it with black heels or wedges. Tan, brown and nude also go well with skin tone so you can try that too.

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7. Carry small or medium size bags

Oversized bags is not a great look for short girls because it will make you appear even shorter. Small-sized cross-body bags and medium size bags can work well with your look. So ditch those tote or duffle bag and go for sling or medium size bags.

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8. Keep hair short or go for top knot

Short to medium length hairstyle is best for you as it will help highlighting your neck but if you have long hair try top knot, bumpy hairstyles or high pony as it will create an illusion of being tall.

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9. Wear thin chic belts

Huge broad belts are a big NO! As it will cut your body in half and will make you look shorter. Wear thin chic belt as it will help define your waist well.

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10. Avoid Chunky accessories

Try long hanging accessories instead of heavy accessories around the neck because in general petite people don’t have long neck and that will make you look short.

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Few other quick tips

  1. Wear well-fitting outfits.
  2. Avoid wide patterns and larger prints.
  3. Don’t wear tops that end below the hips.
  4. Wear Skirts/Dresses with Slits
  5. Maintain correct body posture to add inches to your height.
  6. Go easy on the layering!
  7. Opt for lighter weight fabrics instead of stiff or bulky variety.
  8. Avoid baggy clothes and too much layering.
  9. Avoid wearing low waist pants.
  10. Don’t wear a shirt dress
  11. Wear deeper necklines
  12. Avoid calf length anything
  13. Instead of round toed shoes go for pointed tip
  14. Avoid ankle straps as it gives thicker look on your legs
  15. Avoid 3/4 trousers/Capri trousers or trousers with cuffs, bulky pockets and pleats
  16. Hot pants and short skirts look superb on short girls.
  17. Wear bright colors
  18. Go for pendant necklaces instead of chokers
  19. Cuff long shirts at the elbow
  20. Choose glasses and sunglasses that are in proportion with you face and the rest of your body.

Hope you will find this article helpful 🙂