Sunglasses are most common accessory to complete your look along with great clothes and nice footwear. These days sunglasses are also an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe and choosing right one’s is also a task as some might look good on you while others might not. They are not just for summer or spring but it is a year-round essential so we should invest in it more and choose it wisely.

Now I am going to share the list of latest sunglasses which are making a style statement:

Latest: Mirrored sunglasses

These are the reflective sunglasses and look really cool. These are attention grabbing and it presents a confident man. This is totally in trend and this is different from other sunglasses. And if you are hitting a beach then I would suggest it as a must have in your list.

Mirror Sunglasses

Vintage: Round frame sunglasses

These are hot in this season, but I want to warn you, these are hard to wear, as you need a lean and slim body because of its smaller frame. But if you love experimenting with your looks then this sunglass is made for you. The round shaped glasses look best on square, oblong, or heart shaped faces. These were a great hit in 1920’s. But it is back in this season.

Round framesunglasses

Lively: Printed Frame Sunglasses

Typically solid black color or metal frames are the options for men’s sunglasses and these one can wear year round. But spring and summer are the season of different colors. Be daring and try these colorful or printed framed.

Printed Frame sunglasses

Oversized Sunglasses

You might find actors and all big personalities wearing oversized sunglasses. They don’t have a particular season, you can wear them all year around, whether it’s aviator, retro etc. This shade creates a mystery like who is behind it.

Oversize sunglasses

Classic: Wayfarer sunglasses

Wayfarer has always been popular, and this style will not go away. You will never want to leave your home without these glasses. The Wayfarer were crafted using technical plastics, laser-cut woods and high-performance lenses and will last for decades if properly cared for. This is perfect with any casual wear.

Wayferer sunglasses

Contemporary: D-Frame sunglasses

These sunglasses create a contemporary and retro look, D- Frame sunglasses are produced in wide range of variations and materials. You can easily identify the D-frame sunglasses by the square/rectangular. This type of sunglasses is a perfect fit for the round-faces. You can try Dolce & Gabana for these shades.

D-shape sunglasses

Retro:  Aviator

Aviator sunglasses suits to almost everyone means all face shapes, and it is so versatile that it goes with almost anything. With no doubts for aviator, wisest choice is to buy it from Ray-Ban. This shade has thin metal frames and large tear drop-shaped lenses so that it can cover the entire eye socket, preventing as much light as possible from entering the eye.

Aviator sunglasses

Sporty: The Wrap-Around

The sporty-looking, wrap-around sunglasses are mainly used by sportsman, because of its superb eye coverage they provide during active pursuits. The wrap-arounds are easily distinguished by their semi-circular lenses which sit close to the face, providing an unbroken field of vision and at the same time preventing fine particles and dirt from entering the eye.

Wrap Around sunglasses

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