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I’m sure you guys are pretty much cherishing the monsoon showers, so am I 🙂

As you all are aware that I have started a full-time job leading to which  I am always worked up, busy and tired but I try my level best to find time for you guys and to write something interesting and trendy to keep you all updated.

This article goes especially for all the Indian women of all ages whether she is a grandmother, mother or a daughter.
All the Indian women always have one statement gold neckpiece which has been and  always will be very close to their heart. I’m sure  it would have a story behind or maybe it would have been passed over generations. Though these days wearing gold jewelry and traveling places has become a bit risky but our hearts just can’t resist adorning them.

Well we are lucky that we have a couple of good websites, where we see a lot of traditional looking gold-plated stylish accessories, go ahead, buy a few and you can easily wear them while traveling too without any stress.

For the last couple of months my mother was also in search of such neckpieces, henceforth I decided to browse a few websites and I found one really authentic website named Sareez.com.
Very soon they offered me a collaboration and I chose the same pretty golden neckpiece I had been drooling on. They offered it to me as a gift on their Eid Special offer.
As soon as I opened the parcel, I fell in love with the necklace and instead of thinking that I can gift it to my mother, I started visualizing in my head wherein I would myself wear it and hence you can see the outcome in the pictures below.

Golden Neckpieces Golden Neckpieces 4 7 Golden Neckpieces 9 10 6 8 5

I love to wear traditional clothes but I choose indo-western over it. But with this elegant neckpiece, I wanted to try both the looks and it is quite clear that it looked wonderful on both the type.

3 Golden Neckpieces 1 Golden Neckpieces 14 12 15
Certain tips to be followed while wearing gold neckpiece with indo-western look:

  1. Keep entire look very simple
  2. Wear the same color and try to wear co-ordinates
  3. If you are wearing statement necklace then avoid any other accessories
  4. You might add golden footwear to complete the look
  5. You can use a statement clutch also if you want

Cheers friends
Rock that old style neckpiece in newer version