Hello Friends,

Maxi dress is a must have in your wardrobe for summer season. Maxi dress is so versatile that you can wear it in the day time in a very casual way and in the night time as a party wear dress. And you can transform the entire look by just adding some jewellery or choosing the right shoes for the right occasion.

For the daytime:

In the day time, we want to wear cool, simple and comfortable clothes. So here are few tips: Jewellery: You can wear funky jewellery to give a peppy look. Try to keep minimal jewellery. Or maybe one statement ring or bangle or neck piece and you are ready to go. Purse: I like clutch the most with maxi dress. In the afternoon, grab a simple and cute clutch. Shoes: In the day time, you want to keep it casual, so the best options are flip-flops, gladiators or any flat sandals.

For the night-time:

Jewellery: If you are going out for some party or wedding then you should wear something glittery with it. Bracelet or a beautiful sparkly neck piece which will add oomph to your dress. Purse: In the night time, just flip your everyday clutch with a fancy, glittery one. And you are set to go. Shoes: When it comes to night party, you should pair the maxi dress with stilettos or pumps. I am wearing a blue maxi dress, from forever new. Blue color is hot this season. And the best part of this dress is its golden color belt. It has added the oomph to this dress. And it highlights the sleek silhouette. Paired it with a casual golden slippers and a statement golden neck piece. 1 2 3 4 5 6_1 11 9 10 7

I am wearing:

Maxi Dress: Forever new Slippers: Valencia Neck piece: From street market of Bangalore